Candidate Selection Methods

Today during our lunch and learn recruiters session Susan Cocchiaro, PHR, CTS and Joanne Ellerhmann, PHR reviewed their findings and observations from this weeks 2 day NJ SHRM conference. Some of the speakers had some interesting insight into the future of staffing but all seemed to agree that a talent war will emerge sometime in the not too distance future. This should make for excellent career advancement conditions for job seekers. And create a very competitive climate for the employers.

At the completion of their informative presentation the recruiters and myself entered into a debate about the best method for our clients to interview the most qualified job seekers.

As most job seekers know, recruiters usually review resumes, network within various niches; talk to numerous qualified and unqualified candidates, interview and present to the client the finalist resumes with their evaluations. The potential problem with this system is that the hiring authority is finalizing the selection process from this short evaluation and the text of a resume. They are missing the additional personal interpretations, gut reactions and other intangibles that are not reflected in the resume. If the client allows the recruiter to pick the best candidates they are able to expedite the process, take full advantage of the recruiters’ judgments (such as communication, cultural match, energy level, referral information and other soft-skills) that are important indicators for successful job performance. As recruiters we debated the importance of this process and continue to be puzzled why some of our clients continue to make judgments on whom to interview solely from resumes. Image the state of corporations if hiring decision were made solely on resumes?

We at BLK are proud of the number of special “Tier Clients” that work within this recruiter’s selection process. These clients have discovered that this method has added greatly to successful hires, condensed the order to hire time line, lowered costs and made for very satisfied line managers. We at BLK are proud partners with these clients assisting them with building their most important asset “people”.

Job Creation Numbers

Yesterdays job creation numbers were very positive, with a growth rate of 335,000 plus jobs, even adjusting the number for the 70,000 plus construction jobs created by hurricanes, these are good numbers. And I hope this will continue to accelerate the number of new jobs over the next few years, so that all that want to work can find employment.

I am especially pleased with the growth in the professional business category since all of the jobs we work at filling here at BLK are this type. As for the number created in New Jersey, those numbers are not released for another few weeks, but my prediction is not as optimistic based on order growth here at BLK. However, the predictions from the economist are about 10,000, which is an ok growth rate for our garden state. I hope my projection is wrong!

One area that appears to be sparking growth is in the professional temporary or professional contract segment. We here at Berman Larson Kane have seen a dramatic increase in this type of order, and hopefully these will eventually turn into direct hire positions. This past October a number of our consultants’ were converted to our clients payrolls. And many of new positions we are filling clients have future plans of eventually converted these new temps into direct hire status.

New Jersey Staffing Meeting

Today I attended the New Jersey Staffing Alliances annual all day planning meeting. The NJSA is the trade association representing the 1100 staffing firms in the state. This volunteer board of directors were in ( I am pleased to report) a very up beat mood. With the majority seeing a increase in hiring for the 2005.

This is really a dedicated group of staffing volunteers that are committed to making the recruiting industry better for both the job seeker and the hiring firm. This organization has assisted BLK over the years.

Things that were decided included a external news release that will keep job seekers and hiring managers updated on the data reporting the status of hiring trends, and the planning of numerous educational programs that will keep certified staffing professionals current with their CEU’s or continuing educational units.

I must say that this is a great group to be associated with, and I know that all those in need of staffing services should choose a NJSA member firm when considering whom to do business with…One of my duties is to establish a committee of EX-NJSA presidents to share some of their experiences with the current group.

Election Reflections on Employment

Now that Bush has been elected to a second term, as a firm and person who earns his living on job creation, I really hope that this second term will create jobs here in the US.

The past few years have been really rough not only on our firm, but for many of our long term clients. Many have taken either drastic pay cuts or continue to be either under employed or unemployed. As a professional, this ecomony has serverly limited my abiltiy to secure employment and interviews for this large segment of the populaation.

Our BLK clients continue to seek bargains, and for the first time in my 27 years in the employment field have I witnessed wage deflation. Never before have I seen so many earn less then the year before as they seek new employment.

Well, now that Bush has secured another term, I hope that his programs and policies will begin to create new jobs and better opportunities for all. Here at Berman Larson Kane we have seen a small increase in orders, but nothing to brag about….and I hope that this is the beginning of the creation of new and better jobs for all. I will keep each of you posted as the remainder of the year unfolds.