Candidate Selection Methods

Today during our lunch and learn recruiters session Susan Cocchiaro, PHR, CTS and Joanne Ellerhmann, PHR reviewed their findings and observations from this weeks 2 day NJ SHRM conference. Some of the speakers had some interesting insight into the future of staffing but all seemed to agree that a talent war will emerge sometime in the not too distance future. This should make for excellent career advancement conditions for job seekers. And create a very competitive climate for the employers.

At the completion of their informative presentation the recruiters and myself entered into a debate about the best method for our clients to interview the most qualified job seekers.

As most job seekers know, recruiters usually review resumes, network within various niches; talk to numerous qualified and unqualified candidates, interview and present to the client the finalist resumes with their evaluations. The potential problem with this system is that the hiring authority is finalizing the selection process from this short evaluation and the text of a resume. They are missing the additional personal interpretations, gut reactions and other intangibles that are not reflected in the resume. If the client allows the recruiter to pick the best candidates they are able to expedite the process, take full advantage of the recruiters’ judgments (such as communication, cultural match, energy level, referral information and other soft-skills) that are important indicators for successful job performance. As recruiters we debated the importance of this process and continue to be puzzled why some of our clients continue to make judgments on whom to interview solely from resumes. Image the state of corporations if hiring decision were made solely on resumes?

We at BLK are proud of the number of special “Tier Clients” that work within this recruiter’s selection process. These clients have discovered that this method has added greatly to successful hires, condensed the order to hire time line, lowered costs and made for very satisfied line managers. We at BLK are proud partners with these clients assisting them with building their most important asset “people”.