August Job Creation & Vacations

August is the full swing on NY/NJ vacation times. Record rentals are being reported in area resorts. Tourism has returned to normal in NYC. So who will find the time to interview job prospects, write the job specification and check the references? I don’t know but based on our continuing increase of job orders somebody is NOT on vacation.

Today, one BLK ( ) client whom will be adding 20 plus additions to staff during the next four months, place and order for 5 direct hires and one temporary consultant. Our HR department reports a record number of new orders for temporary corporate recruiters (always a good sign for job creation). Rates for recruiters are rapidly increasing back to prior 2001 levels. All are great signs for the job seeker and point to the concerns as competition for talent heats up with the August temperatures and I am projecting to continue through the rest of the third quarter and into the fourth.

Another NYC based client called for a proposal to staff three information technology positions to develop the automation of new business lines. A new tier client place and order for two additions to staff in the Washington D.C. region. Repeat business from returning BLK tier clients are increasing daily through the summer months at record levels. So much for planned vacations.

All of this summer activity leads me to believe that by Labor Day, we will celebrate with a lower unemployment rate and look for the hiring pace to increase even more in September. My one word of caution is the high price of gas could put a halt on this optimistic prediction.

One observation continues as an increasing percentage of these hiring demands are coming from employers with less that 500 employees. Small business has always been an engine for new positions, but from my observations during the most recent 7 months they are beginning to run on all cylinders, surpassing the fortunes in momentum and career opportunity.