“April Showers they bring May Jobs & Flowers”

The pruning that corporate America has performed over the past 2 – 3 years, shedding jobs has helped them return to positive earnings.  As these wonderful earning reports continue to flow into the markets will the next wave of growth demand additional staffing?


We at Berman Larson Kane (www.jobsbl.com) continue to see an increase in both temporary and direct hire requirements.  And this increase is significant over 2009 numbers, with increases of over 25% in all areas.  This is welcoming news!


However, those that have been out of work for more then 30 or more weeks continue to struggle to locate new employment opportunities.  Does this signify a changed skill demand for the new jobs that are being created? I am not sure.  We do see strong activity and new skills in “new media companies” as advertising dollars are being dispersed over more venues. 


As for traditional employment and skills, I believe that companies are beginning to hit a stress level that their current work force is incapable of maintaining at efficient levels.  As the prospect of losing the ability to expand, because of too small labor force, hiring will at some point pick-up to a brisk pace.  When this happens it is anyone’s guess, but for the immediate future we at Berman Larson Kane are planning for hiring to continue to show positive trends over the next 4-5 months.


In the interim, if you are still unemployed these positive trends will hopefully begin to at least produce additional activity in your job search.  A quote from one of our clients sort of quantifies the upturn “we have experienced potential hires being on additional interviews with competitors so we need to speed up our hiring cycle to land the good talent that is on the market.  We do not see this talent pool being available forever”


Less hope this client has identified a shift in hiring attitudes.  As for now good luck with your job search and we thank all those that have participated in our FREE job-seeker webinars for you positive feedback.  It makes our mission here at Berman Larson Kane so much more rewarding.


The wild card in this recover for the moment is the EURO and its possible negative effect on the world economy.