April 2011 “31st Anniversary of Berman Larson Kane”

Our first year in business 1980 a major monthly expense “bicycle messenger services” . Yes, in 1980 fax machine were cost prohibitive, email was non-existent (unless you had a mainframe computer at your personal disposal) and always sitting at our receptionist desk was a ready “bike messenger” on call to deliver resumes between downtown and midtown Manhattan.”

Today, 31 years later, the staffing business moves at the speed of light. Resumes reside in clouds for instant access. Subscribers and the recruiters reviewing resumes are scattered around the globe. Work chores migrate to the “perceived” most cost effective and efficient markets. And we at Berman Larson Kane (www.jobsbl.com) struggle to remain on the bleeding edge to best service our clients’ staffing challenges.

Adopting to these changing challenges remain the core of our business keeping us focused on supplying the “Best Staffing Options” for job-seekers and job-creators. This core value continues unchanged as the foundation of our 31 years’ staffing mission?

Looking on the horizon, the competition for the best talent will remain extremely competitive and probably heat up over the next 4-5 years. Finding, isolating, compensating and recruiting this talent will continue to increase in complexity over widening global markets. In addition, retaining your current top talent will also become more competitive as information access brings all into the public domains allowing for aggressive recruiting efforts by competitors.

As president of Berman Larson Kane, I am very energized by these challenges and changes. Promising that our organization will continue to learn and adapt to the most efficient operation model. Offering the best and most cost effective service is our mission. The only guarantee is that “change is a constant” and today’s business practices will become tomorrow’s “bike messengers”.

Thank you to all for your support and business. We look forward to continuing this staffing journey for the next 31 plus years. “Beam me up Scotty” to my future interviews.