53 Yrs. Old Today Sales People & Computers are Calling

Yesterday I celebrated my 53rd birthday. Celebrate is a generous description, since as I get older the only birthdays that have any significance are the milestone decade transitions. So my secret wish is for these birthdays to pass with minimum acknowledgement. But our front office software here announces birthdays to all Berman Larson Kane (https://www.jobsbl.com)employees on network login. So much for anonymity? But the computer wishes didn’t stop here.

When I checked my voice mail during the day I received at least 20-25 birthday wishes from sales reps who are either prospecting or have prior sales history with BLK. Another 20 or so I believe auto-generated e-cards arrived from various organizations, retail establishments and others seeking favors. What was the sincerity of these wishes? I believe the intent is sincere but would these wishes have arrived without automation. I think at least 90% would have not. How some of these groups obtained my birthday information is a mystery. Is there a market out there for the four digits of (mm/dd) of passage? I guess so!

In contrast to these automated wishes I have 6 siblings, 3 of them called to wish me a happy birthday not bad at our ages for 50% of them to remember. Would hazard a guess that none of them where generated by computer ticklers, but more likely by my mother’s nudges (God bless her). The group here at BLK had a lovely cake, singing and a great card with warm wishes, very meaningful. My 3 children and great wife all remembered with presents and phone calls. I am truly blessed with family, friends and co-workers.

So what is the point of this entry I don’t think it has one? Just my rambles about a not so natural observation “computer generated b-day wishes”.

As for the real celebration, everyday is a gift and is a present. And as I get older I appreciated all the wonders of life that each day brings without automated reminders. One day, one breathe, one nanosecond at a time. As for computers they are a most wonderful amazing invention, the best organizational helper ever, they just don’t need to remind me that I am getting older and older with so much efficiency.