2010 Jobs Promise ?


For the past year we at Berman Larson Kane have been offering FREE job-seeker webinars.  I would like to thank the tens of thousands who have attended these sessions.  Your comments and feedback are so greatly appreciated and as a result of your interest we will continue these programs into 2010.

As a reminder along with offering our traditional staffing services since 1980, Berman Larson Kane would like to share the following FREE services to the transitioning community during these challenging job-seeker times.

1)      Scheduled for December 16th at 12 noon EST is our next FREE Interactive Webinar: Baby Boomer Interviewer Success Strategies.  Please register for this event at https://www.jobsbl.com/jobs/coaching/webinars.php .

      This community service is available to all those in transition, so feel free to pass

      invitations along to job-seeking friends.

2)      Our Book, “Aim Shoot Get Hired”, is now available as a FREE eBook and can be downloaded at https://www.jobsbl.com/about/book/index.php .

3)      All prior job-seeker webinars are available FREE through the BLK website as streaming media at https://www.jobsbl.com/jobs/coaching/webinars.php .

4)      The historical section of our newsletter is filled with exciting job-seeker tips.  Click on https://www.jobsbl.com/about/report/index.php for FREE reviews.

5)      You can view our hottest public job openings at https://www.jobsbl.com/jobs/index.php ; however,  our confidential searches are not listed for public display.

As always, we thank you for your support and assistance during our 30-year history of offering “The Best Staffing Options”.  We are predicting hiring demands will return to normal beginning Q1 2010.

I hope the job market is turning a corner.  We are experiencing a significant increase in temporary and contact staffing.  This trend is confirmed by the Department of Labor and you can read more about it in this month’s  Berman Larson Kane Newsletter at https://www.jobsbl.com/about/report/report.php?issue_num=118.  Stay well