2005 January Jobs a Rolling

Three workdays into the year, will job growth increase in 2005? We at BLK (https://www.jobsbl.com) are feeling positive vibes from our clients.

Today, one client whom will be adding 50 plus additions to staff during the first quarter, place and order for 5 direct hires and one temporary consultant. The temporary assignment is for a HR recruiter to assist the client with additional hires making for good news on this horizon. Another NYC based client called for a proposal to staff 3 information technology positions to develop the automation of new business lines. Additionally ordering a temporary person to coordinate these projects. Another NJ pharma hired a temporary long term BLK contractor to assist with technical staffing and has our HR team on the lookout for two more. These clients are starting the year helping to lower our unemployment numbers. All being signs that employment should be increasing for the first two quarters and hopefully beyond.

During the month of December many clients had promised an increase in hiring, and these early orders are signs that they will be following through on these promises. Our BLK January newsletter’s lead article will address the increasing value of employees to employers as competition for talent re-emerges after 4 years of high unemployment. This should be great news for the job seekers.

One observation that is making this year different than other here at BLK is a increasing percentage of these hiring demands are coming from employers with less that 500 employees. Small business has always been an engine for new positions, but from my observations during the most recent 6 months they are beginning to run on all cylinders, surpassing the fortunes in momentum and career opportunity.