Job Market Reality

Jobs are being created. Jobs are being eliminated. New folks are entering the job hunt. Older workers are retiring. And we continue to go sideways in over all job creation. Ouch, and a recent Mckinsey study predicts we will not reach 5% unemployment until 2020, ouch. You can read this analysis here: (

So as an employer, with the exception of a few demand skill sets, you have a lot of talent to fill your limited positions. I have witness top grading of human resources while lowing costs. This is a new experience in my thirty-five years in staffing industry. I believe we are still experiencing limited wage deflation and will continue this trend for the foreseeable future. Just look at the news headlines dominated by state governments legislating employee benefit givebacks and future pension adjustments.

Talent and wage wars are now conducted on international battlefields. Jobs are in-sourced, out-sourced and off-shored across continents. Does anyone really know with a 100% confidence the source of their groceries; help lines, clothing, electronics, pharmacies and their data storage? And the origin of the workforce that designed, manufactured, marketed and supported your purchases. As international borders blur our workforce is no longer located exclusively within our borders and any job that can be done using a computer has the option of migrating to location “anywhere”.

What is the answer to creating enough jobs so that all that want to can work for livable wages. We here in our great country need to take everything we do up a few notches. Using our creative skills, know-how, and work ethic to compete for jobs on our shores with the same spirit that we used to put the first man on the moon. This is a tall order but nothing less will return our job base to prosperous top-notches we so strive to achieve. It’s the new world workforce order making us all better and better.

And we at Berman Larson Kane ( thank all of our clients and candidates for your support over the years.  We will continue to wage the war for bringing good jobs to good people, offering the best staffing options.