Supply Chain & Logistics Supervisor, Butler NJ

Title Supervisor, Supply Chain and Logistics
City Butler
State NJ
Description Summary:
The Supply Chain and Logistics Supervisor is responsible for site success through efficient distribution/manufacturing, value stream processing, and team management. The position will also support all order fulfillment activities including collaboration with other departments and affiliated companies to ensure strategic objectives are delivered.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:
• Accountable for developing and leading a supply chain team, processes and performance.
• Ensure efficient and effective manufacturing and distribution (warehousing, inventory management and transportation) of products.
• Provide functional leadership and direction for scheduling, capacity planning and optimization, procurement, receiving, shipping, warehouse management, inventory control and logistics.
• Develop means to reduce costs while maintaining business objectives.
• Develop and manage strategic sourcing capability.
• Develop analytic methods to analyze performance issues to identify supply chain performance and provide actionable solution.
• Build and maintain good relationships with customers, shared service and staff to achieve objectives.
• Responsible for maximum profitability of the site through effective planning/monitoring of the budget.
• Responsible for oversight of succession planning and staff development.
• Hire, train and develop staff
• Develop and manage KPIs for business critical functions.
• Develop and /or update SOPs to cGMP
• Provide accurate and timely reports for related business units ( customers, management, finance, RAQA)

• Understands financial targets and budget goals.
• Keeps abreast of current developments in their field.
• Exhibits sound and accurate judgment.
• Knowledge of e-mail, database software, spreadsheet software, word processing and QuickBooks
• Advanced materials management skills including Planning, Purchasing, Sourcing, Warehousing, Inventory Control, Shipping and Receiving

Education and/or Experience:
• Bachelor’s degree from four-year college / university (Business, Supply
Chain/Logistics, Technical preferred).
• 4-5 years experience in distribution management and/or manufacturing operations with 3 years supervisory experience.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability or protected veteran status.


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Gray is the New Best Hire

Gray is Good at Some Companies

Traditionally, many employers have viewed older workers as inflexible, less productive than their younger colleagues, and more expensive because of higher salaries and health-care costs. When hard times force layoffs, older workers have often been the first to get the ax. But now, according to an article gray is good at some companies which are taking concrete steps to retain older workers.

In the process, these companies are rooting out age bias and setting up complex flexible work arrangements tailored to meet older workers’ needs. They are also seeking out older workers and retirees with needed skills.

For employers, the writing on the wall is hard to miss, the article pointed out. Workers 55 and older are growing four times faster than the work force as a whole. This age group accounts for more than 20 percent of the labor force, up from less than 16 percent in 2006, Bureau of Labor Statistics show. In the same period, people in the prime working years, ages 25 to 44, will shrink to 43 percent of the work force from 46 percent now.

Some companies are recognizing that older workers are repositories of hard-to replace knowledge critical to their businesses. For example, as workers retire, he said, companies worry about losing relationships with long-time suppliers and distributors.

In addition, as the work force ages, so do customers, who often prefer to deal with older workers. At Home Depot, older employees serve as a powerful draw to baby-boomer shoppers by mirroring their knowledge and perspective, said Dennis Donovan, executive vice president, human resources, for the retailer. Similarly a big Australian financial services concern, recruited over-45 workers as financial planners, among other roles. Older clients, a spokeswoman said, prefer advisers with experience.

The new attitudes come as age-discrimination complaints are falling, the article noted. Although some serious cases do remain, preliminary Equal Employment Opportunity Commission data show age-discrimination complaints to the commission decreased.

Other companies are encouraging older workers to continue part-time, offering up to three months’ unpaid time for vacation during the winter months, and making phased retirement more broadly available–allowing workers to slowly shift out of the work force and cut their hours for awhile before retiring, according to the article.



New Competitive Landscape Develops for Talent Acquistion

We at Berman Larson Kane have witnessed a shift in the “IT Technology and Sales Staffing” that requires labor intensive steps to isolate the best talent. If this change has occurred in a few niches the majority of the market is not far behind. To recruit the best talent a recruiting plan that isolates the passive non-job-seeking candidate has always been the core of the BLK’s 33 years success. So to bring the best talent to your door we fish in three pools continuously.

Pool #1 – Qualified but Not Looking Talent – The majority of talent is not looking for a new job. Even if they are not 100% satisfied most employees are sitting at their desks doing a good job and bringing great value to their employers. Reaching out to this pool requires: organization, automation, tenacity, persistence and a very labor intense effort by our staff here at BLK. In organizing a work plan we at BLK need to discuss with the client: competitor sources, optional titles that this person might bear, email blast lists, lures to temp a passive candidate into speaking with the client, advantages to working for our client, career path, current and potential compensation and competitive advantages. All of these steps and many more require a very organized detailed plan and communication and sales skills by our recruiters.

Pool #2 – Qualified Actively Looking Talent – These are the millions of job seeking candidates that have their resumes displayed on the web. Whether displayed on the public, private, and niche or discussion boards. Sifting through this vast resource to isolate the “unique” requested talent is an art and a science and requires seeking, qualifying, and as the market becomes more competitive luring talent.

Pool # 3 – Actively Selective Looking Talent – These are what we refer to as web surfers. They do not have their resumes displayed on the boards nor are they sending out mailings to announce their availability. This is a group of talent that checks the job boards and selective websites on a regular basis looking for the ideal position or career move. To get the attention of this group one needs an organized web campaign that includes: job boards, social media, niche sites, corporate sites and agency sites. Attractive image, reputation, tenure and ethics presented correctly yield the best responses from this group. However, to attract the correct “unique” talent” using this method always means sifting through the 1,000 of incorrect responses to isolate the few correct ones.

So as you look to fill your jobs or find the best talent, remember jobs and hiring are very serious undertakings and the step of isolating the best talent is a very labor-intensive undertaking. We here at Berman Larson Kane have been attempting to get it right for the past 33 years and continuously are modifying and improving our systems to attack the “Best Talent the Market Has to Offer”.

If you have a talent acquisition challenge it is my pleasure to listen and see if we can recommend a cost effective solution. Thank you for your continuous support. Stay well. Bob Larson, CPC