May Graduation Season/ Jobs Needed Soon

May is the month of college graduations and the “long long” ceremony that accompanies the awarding of the diplomas.  Students, parents and family are filled with pride before, during and after these events.


I was honored with being a commencement speaker and addressing the 1650 graduates of  New Jersey City University (NJCU)  and their families at the Izod Center on May 11, 2011.  What a great event excitement everywhere, parents beaming and the electricity flying around the arena.


Having earned my living in the employment field for over 35 years and interviewing prospective hires, my assessment was that the majority of the students were of exceptional talent and ambition.  Any employer would be proud to add these talented students to their staff.


However, as I walk around and introduced myself to several students most seem to be lacking in work within their chosen field of study.  This economy has challenged even some of the brightest students and many will continue with their part-time or full time current employment.  The jobs that help pay their tuition while they studied to upgrade to a better career at least most will still have some source of income.


What is going on?  I know college recruiting was better this year than last.  But why are private and public corporations not capitalizing our young talent.  Why as a county are we not creating the jobs that these students so deserve?

 As the economy continues to improve and the job creation numbers continue to accelerate these talent young individuals will hopefully land meaningful jobs in the not too distant future.  If we want to move forward in this competitive global economy we must begin to create meaningful and productive work for all