Job Optimism after 30 Years

March Madness is upon us here at Berman Larson Kane ( We are witnessing an influx of new orders for both temporary employees and direct hires.  What a welcoming change for business, for job-seekers and the beginning of a new season. 

This April 1 will be our 30th anniversary of Berman Larson Kane. We have witness many changes starting with bicycle messengers in 1980 to video interviews today.  So what has 30 years in business taught me? What lesson can I pass along to 30 years of helping employers and job seekers?

 Observation # 1 – Change is a Constant/ Predicting Change is a Crap Shoot
In 1980 when BLK started, resumes were typed and snail mailed. Bicycle messengers peddled from mid-town to down town with urgent resumes that needed to be delivered for next day interviews. I thought the fax machine was the greatest invention, only to have an exclusive life cycle of only about 3-5 years before email made faxing resumes obsolete. I thought the Internet job boards would never be able to deliver quality job applicants. Now we at BLK have our own job search and registration system. Were have all the programming jobs and programmers gone? Maybe Peter Paul and Mary had the answer “it’s blowing in the wind”.

 Observation # 2 – Values are the Foundation of Business/Life and Remain a Constant
Over the past 30 years our mission statement has adjusted, some years becoming longer and other years shorter. The type and mix of services is constantly adjusting at our clients and job seekers request. But the Value of offering “The Best Staffing Options” has always been the foundation of our Berman Larson Kane’s success.

Observation # 3 – Providing Excellent Service is a Continuous Journey
I know that we offer a great staffing service. BLK is a group of experience; smart, dedicated employees looking to assist job seekers and employers with matching careers aspirations to jobs that need to be performed.  Our service is dedicated to making sure that both job seeker and employer are winners. How we accomplish this is a daily journey. Our previous experience is only one of the tools that make us who we are. Continuous learning is another part of the journey. Understanding and listening is a continuous process towards providing the “Best Staffing Options”.

Good I love this Journey…. may it continue for at least another 30 years. Special thanks to all that have joined us and assisted us on this value driven, constantly changing and continuous journey. Berman Larson Kane