Fighting Zoom Meeting Boredom

Career Report October – December 2021 Issue # 247

Zoom Meeting Boredom Battle

If you don’t like attending Zoom meetings, you’re not alone. Most workers feel there are simply too many on-line meetings to attend on a daily and weekly basis, and that many of them are entirely unnecessary. But virtual meetings don’t have to be that way here are two secrets to making virtually any meeting both interesting and productive.

The first is to use the meeting to practice being “present moment-oriented.” In other words, try to absorb yourself in the meeting and don’t allow your mind to wander.  Make a deliberate attempt to be focused allowing you to get as much value out of the experience as possible.  Do not minimize the screen continue to look into the camera and keep those emails and text messages in off mode.

You can spend your time daydreaming or wishing you were somewhere else, but that doesn’t help you in your job or in your career. These virtual meetings provide an opportunity to show your superiors and coworkers that you are really a good listener. This will help you be highly responsive to whatever is being discussed. That way, if there is something you can contribute, you can make a strong impression with your answer.

Employing the “present moment” technique you will find meetings to be far more interesting. Additional insights will come to mind, and your contributions will grow.  Listening intently will also increase your sense of respect from others. They may not be consciously aware of it, but it seems that when those present in a meeting sense that you are truly paying attention, they want to listen to you as well.

The second secret is to tell yourself that you are going to learn something from each meeting. Listen intently to what is said and try to hear something you don’t already know. Rather than comparing what you’re hearing to what you already believe, search for new wisdom, a new insight, or a new way to do something.

Instead of saying “Yeah, Yeah, I already know this stuff,” try to clear your mind and allow yourself to have a beginner’s mind.

You will find the results quite impressive and significant. Your learning curve will dramatically increase, and meetings will become fun again. Why not spend this time in a productive, healthy way, practicing valuable emotional skills instead of wishing you could turn off your camera and mute your boss.

Try practicing staying fully present and by doing you’ll make your work life more interesting and effective.  And ZOOM FATIGUE will become less of a reality and you might actually enjoy the experience.


Clients are hiring, candidates are seeking new employment and the scramble for top talent is extremely competitive.  Compensation with resurgence of inflation will begin to add another wild card into the mix. Office work, remote work, ideal mix percentage has corporate HR departments and management in a whirl of how to create the ideal and most productive standards.  We at Berman Larson Kane believe the immediate employment future is an evolving target and that both employees, new hires and corporations will all benefit from new standards.

As for the past quarter and this final quarter it is a good time to be a jobseeker, a good time to hire new talent and create a new set of standards and compensation.  We at Berman Larson Kane will do our best to assist all on their path to continuous success and remain flexible and ready to pivot at a moment’s notice.

We wish all good health and are always available to listen to your concerns and see if we can assist as the new normal emerges.  Stay well and healthy.