Amy Alvarez, CPC
Vice President, Recruiting
Employee of the Year 2005, 1998 & 1996

Amy, VP of Recruiting, has been working the placement field since 1993. She holds a B.S. in Management Science with a concentration in Personnel/Labor Relations. She received the highest national designation by receiving her CPC in 1998. ICCE Certified.


“Everything in the office is going well, and I’ll never forget the big difference you made to my life. Thank you so much. ” – a recently placed Accounting Coordinator at an international firm

“…You can say this is one of your perfect matches as far as a candidate would have asked for in his quest of a better job. I love it here at (company confidential) and wished we would have found each other sooner. Best of luck and thanks for your assistance.”- a recently placed QA Analyst

I appreciate that you called me back to let me know your client would not be pursuing my candidacy. I think this is the first time in the 29 years I have been dealing with staffing firms that this has happened. I wish everyone in your profession was as honest and straightforward as you are. Thanks for your help. – a recent project manager candidate

Amy filled several positions on our tier/exclusive program for a client in NJ. The client felt the process was so successful that the technical hiring manager referred Amy to a friend at another company who in turn hired an employee through Amy (on the exclusive program) and then this person referred another friend to Amy to work on another exclusive project!

Amy placed a technical professional at a financial software company, and increased his salary by $50K!