The Beginning:

April 1, 1980


New York Transit System Closes Down for a Long Strike!
Berman & Larson Associates, LTD., an Information Systems Staffing Firm,
Opens for its First Day of Business!!


Why open a business under such adverse conditions? Because we had a strong conviction that our organization could provide top staffing services to client companies more effectively than any of our competitors.


Through the proven philosophy of carefully LISTENING to all of our clients and job applicants, we would clearly understand the specific needs and concerns of each, and then jointly develop a professional business strategy to successfully meet each individual & corporate goal.


Our databank candidates consist primarily of referrals from the outstanding people we have previously assisted with their job search. Good people refer good people.


We practice staffing so that everyone is a winner! The client company gets a top qualified employee at a fair salary, the candidate gets the right job with the desired career advancement, and we get the satisfaction and guarantee of repeat business for making a well-executed match.

Our Technology

BLK Technology in UseFormed in 1980, Berman Larson Kane became one of the first permanent placement firms of its size to computerize its files. With the recent acquisition of even more advanced technology, we believe that Berman Larson Kane is today the most technically advanced staffing firm in the tri-state region.


For the “job seeker”, we maintain a database of over 2,500 corporate centers. This databank contains all the information necessary to assist you in pinpointing the “best employment option” for you.


For the “hiring authority”, in the rare case that our computerized files do not locate available candidates, we have the unique capability of generating over 1200 telephone calls in a 24-hour period to locate the right person for your requirements.

Our Staff

All of our counselors are thoroughly trained in the staffing industry. Each counselor participates in our thorough in-house counselor training program conducted bi-weekly to insure that all technical and placement skills, as well as industry knowledge, are kept up-to-the minute.

Client Companies

As a result of our thorough pre-screening techniques we have achieved an extraordinarily high rate of candidate referrals and repeat business from our clients. This is the highest compliment any placement firm can receive.