Today’s Employment Numbers “What is Going On?”

Well the mystery continues. We at Berman Larson Kane ( continue to be confused by this week’s employment numbers. The good news is that unemployment rate continues to remain in reasonable range. However, the positive upgrade of job creation numbers needs some additional interpretations and is not as rosy as projected by the government.

In looking at these numbers more closely many categories have experience a decrease in jobs. For example, private industry jobs including retail, construction and professional services all reported decreases in employment. The only areas to experience steady job growth were education, government and health care. So the bottom line is that the government or heavily subsides government industries, like healthcare, were responsible for the positive job growth.

Although, we are glad to put as many Americans to work as possible and for each government created job additional private sector jobs are hopefully synergized. My feeling is that these government jobs are at the best detraction from what is really going on in the economy. Our best projection is that hopefully government jobs will be the catalyst to jump-start the economy into creating addition good U.S. based employment.
As for now we at Berman Larson Kane continue to experience a steady flow of new orders from our private sector clients with a continuing battle or war for good and top talent. I guess we must be doing something right? Thanks to all our clients and job seekers for your continuing support