Thanksgiving Job-Seeker Simple Gives

Thanksgiving Share

Bob Larson, CPC
Bob Larson, CPC

Over the past several years the personal painful histories that I have witnessed, due to no job or
meaningful work, continues to be heart wrenching for myself and all of us in the employment profession.

During this week of thanks, I encourage each of you as professionals to lend a hand, take a phone
call, share a LinkedIn invitation, review a resume, coach an interview or pass on some advice to a challenged “job-seeker’. It is the giving help to a job-seeker that is the true spirit of this holiday.

As president of our organization I assure you that we will continue our free out-reach programs to
assist all “job-seekers” with their efforts to gain solid employment. Our webinar series has been viewed by 60,000 plus individuals. Our BLK conference room continues to be used by job support groups and I volunteer my services lecturing at various employment events.

My wish is by Thanksgiving 2014 our economy returns to full employment and all those that seek meaningful work will find it.

We at Berman Larson Kane thank each of you for your business support during our thirty-three year history. We continue to experience an increase in hiring activity; however we never loose sight of the 10 million plus good folks that continue to be affected by our historically high unemployment and underemployment challenges.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. I assure sharing your employment expertise will make this holiday so much more rewarding. Let’s give thanks for our jobs and being part of this wonderful profession.

Stay well….