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Turning Downtime Into Job Offers

Career Report May 2018— Issue 219 Turning Downtime Into Job Offers If there’s one thing that most unemployed job seekers have in abundance, it is time. And yet many of them misuse it. According to an article in The New York Times, that’s because in the post-layoff life it can be easy to put off […]

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Artificial Intelligence Transforming Workplace

Career Report July 2017  Feature Story ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE TRANSFORMING WORKPLACE   Move over, managers, there’s a new boss in the office: artificial intelligence. The same technology that enables a navigation app to find the most efficient route to your destination or let an online store recommend products based on past purchases is on the verge […]

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Five Questions to Never Ask in an Interview

BERMAN LARSON KANE Career Report June  2017  Feature Story   Five Questions to Never Ask in an Interview Hiring managers and HR pros will often close out a job interview by asking an applicant if he or she has any questions themselves. This is a great opportunity to find out more about the job and […]

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