Spring Training Hiring for Real

Baseball spring training always brings optimism to every team & fan with dreams of a playoff berth or at least a better season than last. As I talk to many corporate staffing departments the overall sentiment is one of optimism for spring hiring. And I am pretty sure this is not fan propaganda or false optimism.

What I am hearing repeatedly are phases like:

“Our firm is doing so much better and hiring new talent is in our immediate future”
“New budgets will be release shortly and I anticipate hiring to be increased for the next few quarters”
“ We are more profitable & our current staff is stretched to their limits so hiring should resume soon”
“We are in the process of organizing job specifications and will begin the hiring shortly”
“Good I.T. talent appears in short supply from our lack of ad responses”
“ As we determine our volume of hiring I will let you know if hiring a contract recruiter makes sense”
“I am attempting to see posting responses prior to bringing in BLK to assist”
“ We are looking to add additional staff via temp to hire programs”

Well from my perspective here at Berman Larson Kane this is music to our staffing businesses’ ears. The birds are chirping and opening day is just a month away. I don’t think this is wishful thinking but a real changing point in the market place. I have not heard HR departments this positive in several years.

I can’t wait for the umpire of yeah “Play Hiring” and let the competition for talent begin 🙂