Spring Jobs Ahead Forcast Up & Up

Well the DOL has confirmed our reading here at Berman Larson Kane https://www.jobsbl.com. The economy continues to create new opportunities across many sectors.

With over 200,000 new jobs created in March we remain optimistic, as we approach full employment. Although I know of many individuals that remain under-employed. Job prospects continue to improve each month.

We are finding an increasing percentage of job seekers with multiply offers with upward moving wages.

However, as we approach April 15th we here at Berman Larson Kane have seen a slight decease in job requisitions from 1st quarter highs. But are still experiencing a good percentage increase over April 2005.

Predicting the future trend? We continue to remain positive that the market will continue to increase at least through the remainder of Q2. The one wild card in all of this continues to be the price of oil.

And for those considering a career choice, junior accounting and finance jobs are very very competitive. This is one vertical that is experiencing a real talent war. Let the games begin!