Organizing a Work Plan for “Unique Talent”

Here at BLK ( we are always having clients and potential clients calling us for immediate results. Or, what I should say having the expectation that we have qualified candidates for their “unique” needs one finger click away from our desk to theirs. On some occasions this is true especially in our local office support division but for the majority of searches a unique work plan is needed to service their “unique” request for “unique” talent to meet the client’s “unique” staffing requirements.

Therefore for the majority of requests we at BLK have to organize a work plan to make sure a wide net is cast over the three distinct giant talent pools.

Pool #1 – Qualified but Not Looking Talent – The majority of talent is not looking for a new job. Even if they are not 100% satisfied most employees are sitting at their desks doing a good job and bringing great value to their employers. Reaching out to this pool requires, organization, automation, tenacity, persistence and a very labor intense effort by our staff here at BLK. In organizing a work plan we at BLK need to discuss with the client, competitor sources, optional titles that this person might bear, email blast lists, lures to temp a passive candidate into speaking with the client, advantages to working with the client, career path, current and potential compensation and competitive advantages. All of these steps and many more require a very organized detailed plan.

Pool #2 – Qualified Actively Looking Talent – These are the millions of job seeking candidates that have their resumes displayed on the web. Whether they are displayed on the public, private, and niche or discussion boards. Sifting through this vast resource to isolate the “unique” requested talent is an art and a science and requires seeking, qualifying, and as the market becomes more competitive luring talent.

Pool # 3 – Actively Selective Looking Talent – These are what we refer to as web surfers. They do not have their resumes displayed on the boards nore are they sending out mailing to announce their availability. This is a group of talent that check job boards and selective websites on a regular basis looking for the ideal position or career move. To get the attention of this group one needs an organized web campaign that includes job boards, niche sites, corporate sites and agency sites. Along with the correct image, reputation and ethics. However, to attract the correct “unique” talent” using this method always means sifting through the 1,000 of incorrect responses to isolate the few correct ones.

So as you look to fill your jobs or find the best career move, remember jobs and hiring are very serious undertakings and the step of isolating the best talent is a very labor-intensive undertaking. We here at Berman Larson Kane have been attempting to get it right for the past 25 years. Thanks for all your business and understanding.