November 2016 Issue 201

Best Staffing Options
Best Staffing Options

Request Your Unemployment Assistance @ Thanksgiving/ and All of November

During this Thanksgiving Holiday let us remember the millions of good folks who continue to be adversely affected by our unemployment numbers.

Over the past decades the personal painful histories that I have witnessed, due to no job or meaningful work, continues to be heart wrenching.

During this week of thanks, I encourage each of you as professionals to lend a hand, take a phone call, review a resume, coach an interview or pass on some advice to a challenged “job-seeker”.  We all have a special gift of knowledge and compassion that can only help the unemployed.

As president of our organization I assure you that we will continue our free community out-reach program to assist all “job-seekers” with their efforts to gain solid employment. Since beginning these program 9 years ago over 50,000 individuals have participated. My wish is by Thanksgiving 2017 that the need for this service will decrease to zero.

We at Berman Larson Kane continue to thank each of you for your business support during our thirty-six year history.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and take a moment to please be thankful for your job and take a moment to coach a less fortunate job-seeker.

News from BLK

 November/December is usually a slower time for hiring than the other 10 months of the year.  However, this year we at BLK are predicting a continuous hiring pattern as companies are focused on the competition for top talent.  Although many are challenged to find meaningful employment several niches are becoming even more competitive.

We are Berman Larson Kane are thankful for your business and wish all a wonderful holiday season.