New Jobs Forecast: Grey Clouds & Rain

The weather report this June in New Jersey was rain with thunderstorms almost everyday.  I don’t remember such a cold damp June in my 57 years of living here.  Well the jobs report for June was as bad as the weather.  A net job lost of almost half a million jobs with an unemployment rate at 9.5% are numbers that are the most dismal for my 35 plus years employment career.  Rainy cold and unemployed was the New Jersey and northeast forecast for June.  The only good thing to report is that June is behind us.


Even in the Berman Larson Kane ( micro-world we had a RIF as a result of poor direct hire numbers and lower than expected revenues. 


As I search the employment numbers for some sign of recovery, I am hard pressed finding any segment looking up.  Even the temporary employment numbers that seem to bottom out in May returned to significant losses.  The only plus here is that many of the temporary jobs were with the Census Bureau so if they are removed some of this bleeding is lessened.  Next months numbers should give us a better handle on temporary employment.  Temporary employment has been the first sign or the leading indicator of a return to normal hiring cycles.  I do hope we see some growth in July.


Looking out on the horizon I am still optimistic that hiring will return by Q4 09 but it will take a net growth of at least 250,000 jobs per month for an extended period of time to make up for our recent losses.  Since with this month’s contraction we have returned to a total employment number from 2000 wiping out this decades new jobs.  OUCH!


As a community service we at Berman Larson Kane will continue to offer our free job-seeker webinars twice a month ( Hoping that one of our tips will assist you with finding new or better employment.  “For now the only thing to do is “Hang in there”. Because we all know that “you can bet your bottom dollar that the sun will come out tomorrow”.  We are just not sure were or when Annie, Jobs and the Sun will appear.


Thank you for all your support.  We at Berman Larson Kane consider it a privilege to continue to offer the “Best Staffing Options”.  Our temporary and contract divisions continue on their growth path helping each of our clients cover those emerging interim skill gaps.  And of course our transition programs are available to corporations that are looking to adjust workforces.