Lazy Hazy Days of Summer & Job Growth

We have experienced the hottest July since 1999 with record number days above 90 degrees.  As for the job market the pattern is lazy and hazy through the first half of the summer.  The good news about this is the heat has prevented any severe action on the downside but has also not sparked any direction on the upside of hiring.


So good news the job market is remaining on an even keel and not losing any additions jobs.  But the bad news we are not seeing any swings in the job creation number.  Hazy Lazy and “Flat” are the words that best describe the summer months for hiring.


As we look out to labor day and beyond, a recent article showed that over fifty percent of corporations are planning to add to staff before the end of 2010.  This is such welcoming news and I hope the sincere responses to the survey will unfold into action beginning in September.  These responses make sense as earnings continue to improve, corporate technology upgrades are being implemented and many durable goods are beginning to show a need for replacement.  All three of these events will need additional workers to meet demand.


The wild cards that could greatly hinder this positive prediction remain the euro, consumer confidence and no more surprises from our financial markets.  And if the federal government was to introduce additional stimulus we might even see extreme positive job creation numbers.


As for our little universe here at Berman Larson Kane ( we continue to thank our loyal clients for putting their confidence in our services, we thank the job-seekers who land positions with our clients and the great team we have working here that are able to make these fantastic matches everyday.


As the fall approaches and temperatures drop…we will see the job market begin to heat up.  The hotter the job markets the better for all.  I can’t wait to feel the heat J.