Jobs & Markets Turmoil

The world markets are gyrating in wild patterns. The banks are announcing layoffs around the world. The confidence in the United States is degraded by S&P and the world continues to use our treasuries as a safe haven. The unemployment rate remains high and job creation numbers are moving sideways. The tenure and security of government workers is questionable and their pensions are underfunded.

So what is the bottom line for job-seekers in these periods of turmoil. I am not sure that anyone, any leader or “think tank” knows the answers.

From our little world at Berman Larson Kane we are witnessing a sideways momentum in job creation. A few pockets continue to compete for top talent, software development, software/ technical sales and general sales. Business support functions continue to generate a few additional jobs but nothing to effect the unemployment rate. Our clients remain cautious and with the exception of confidential searches & replacement slots are reluctant to push of significant increases in headcount.

So our recommendation is for those who have managed to hold onto their jobs for the past three years to count their good fortune. As for employers this is a great opportunity to upgrade talent pools with the wonderful talent available.

As for us here at Berman Larson Kane we thank our loyal clients for their business. We will continue to add value by finding the best talent at the most reasonable cost. Business opportunities abound in this market and those with strategies to win market-share will continue to prosper. I am thankful that we are on path to a record year as we add value to our many clients, assisting them with growing sales and services through creative talent acquisition.

As president for the past 31 years, I can assure you we will continue to learn, adjust and help our clients’ talent acquisition make them stronger and stronger. This is a great time to be in business as we listen closely to the soft opportunity knocks.