Job Hope for Jan 09

A net loss of 533,000 jobs in the month of November and this is without the auto industry closing.  And this is on top of a negative job growth number of 723,000 during the prior two months.  I am not a mathematician but that adds up to 1,256,000 jobs lost in this country in only a three-month period.  As you all know I have been in and around the employment business for over 30 years and I do not remember such a rapid slide in jobs.  And the government only just declared that we are officially in a recession.


Well the challenges here at BLK ( have increased greatly with the greatest pressure being felt in our direct hire divisions.  Although the national trend is a decrease of around 14% for the temp business ours here at BLK is at a double-digit growth rate.  But the suspension of direct hires by many of our clients has lead to a few layoffs here as we unfortunately join the national averages.


As I lookout for a turning point our little microcosm here at BLK shows some of our client returning to a hiring mode in mid January.  Many of our other clients are waiting for sales reports and yearend closes to determine 2009 needs.  However my instincts point to some early life to the employment market in 09 once companies realize that they have over right sized staffs.


As a service to the recent masses of unemployed we at Berman Larson Kane will be sponsoring weekly lunch & learn webinars free of charge to the job seekers.   I am guardedly optimistic that the doom and gloom around us has been over projected.