Job Creation UGH!

Holy Cow…How depressing are today’s job creation & unemployment numbers as reported in the New York Times


With the political conventions completed….the stock market tanking….layoff announcements rising. …car sales almost non-existent…..earnings evaporating……back to schools sales at lows……hurricanes brewing……but gas is down to $3.50 a gallon….I can’t believe I even consider 3.50 good news…


So what is happening here at Berman Larson Kane ( …. Our orders for August closed off from 07 and our sales took a corresponding dip & these job creation numbers confirm the reason…..however since the summer is behind us and we returned to full blast on September 2nd our great clients have placed some new orders with us….interviews delayed by summer vacations have returned to normal and I am optimistic that September sales here at BLK will exceed normal ranges.  We have several recruiting assignments that will help several people return to full employment.


Why I remain optimistic while the rest of the world is seemingly falling around us?  I have to believe that we can do it…Although the bad news is beginning to creep into our BLK universe, the BLK staff and myself are determined to forge ahead against great odds…and if there is any team that can accomplish our mission it is the talented BLK staff.  Our recruiters, research staff, talent pool and other services are top notch and our loyal clients continue to give as much work as possible.


Within the employment market several skill shortages have materialized and these openings have created a need for our recruiting services…Skills that are in demand SAS Programmers, C++ developers, LIMS Administrators, Compensation Analysts, Legal Assistants, Data Warehousing programmers and developers, .net developers, junior accountants and all workers that have experience in bankruptcies (sign of the times, sorry).


But the bottom line our economy is in the tank and our path out will come not come from tax cuts, not from lowering the prime, not from forgiving loans, not from bailing out the investment banks, not from ending the war and definitely not from import protectionism….The turnaround will begin with our new president….we need to revamp our ways, focus on becoming a green nation, move towards oil independents, our new growth or new economy and new businesses will rise from the need to protect our most precious resource OUR ENVIRONMENT. I believe our prosperity will come from our intellectual capital that this great country has a natural abundance…..We need to focus on our future today.