January Employment Cheers?

Well the DOL has revised their November job creation numbers up. What a surprise. I knew that they were undercounting in November and I will predict that the December numbers will also be revised up in the not too distance future.

As for January we here at Berman Larson Kane (https://www.jobsbl.com) are experiencing a steady flow of new orders but to-date are not experiencing a percentage increase over January 2005. This is not a disappointment because if the economy continues to produce new jobs at the same rate as 2005 all will be well in Mudsville and the unemployment rate will decrease rapidly as the supply of available talent is consumed by year over year job growth.

As for now, 2006 has a long way to go before we can all cheer. As for the state of Maryland and Walmart today’s news is another puzzle? Can’t we have health care, jobs and at least some sort of retirement program in the future? Life must of been simpler in a previous life time.