Fourth Quarter Job Creation Trends

I know the world financial markets continue to gyrate in wild patterns. I know emerging markets are suffering with inflation and slower growth rates. I know the US treasury bonds is a safe haven for the world (lucky for us). I know everyone is predicting at best moderate job growth over the next two years with unemployment remaining high. Fears of a double dip recession becoming a reality is mentioned in every media report.

But, I will stick my neck out and predict that job growth will begin to accelerate during Q4. We at Berman Larson Kane are seeing a swell of activity from many clients, and increase in new business and a upward trend in talent competition for key skill sets. I hope that our tiny microcosm is an accurate predictor for the rest of the economy.

Another positive sign I witness last week while attending the National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS) 50th anniversary staffing conference in Las Vegas, NV. The consensus of the 350 recruiters in attendance was that they are seeing a pick-up in interviewing activity that will lead to a increase in hiring over the next few weeks. One international staffing leader informed me that he is planing on 2011 being a record year, with a strong Q4 and looking for steady growth through 2012.

Berman Larson Kane continues to see increased demand for technical sales staffing, IT staffing for both developers and support, a increase in contract pharma hiring, support and IT. Our HR division remains soft but experiencing a small increase.

Going forward I am optimistic that hiring will continue through 2012 and build momentum well into 2015. I would like to see us return to under 5% unemployment even if the main driving force is the aging of our workforce. Bottom line good things are on the horizon.

I thank all our clients for their continuous support and having the confidence to allow Berman Larson Kane the opportunity to assist with their talent acquisition challenges. Can’t wait to celebrate 2012 and beyond and that all that want to work can.