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Pandemic Unemployment and Thanksgiving

We must be grateful for our health, family and our jobs as unemployment continues to rise in numerous sectors of our economy. During this Thanksgiving Holiday let us remember the millions of good folks who are adversely affected by our unemployment numbers as this pandemic spreads wildly across our country and the world. Over the […]

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Tips for Telephone Interviews

Career Report July 2019 – Issue 233 Tips for Telephone Interviews A telephone interview is usually short — allowing just enough time for a recruiter to form a general impression of a job candidate — so the focus is on questions that help to evaluate someone quickly. The candidate’s goal is to turn the phone […]

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Stephen Covey Wonderful 2019 Principles

Career Report January, 2019 — Issue 227 Stephen Covey Wonderful 2019 Principles  Author and self-help pioneer Stephen Covey left us with a wealth of ideas and resources for changing and improving behaviors. As we begin a new year and look forward to the days and months ahead, we would be wise to regularly keep in […]

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