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Stephen Covey Wonderful 2019 Principles

Career Report January, 2019 — Issue 227 Stephen Covey Wonderful 2019 Principles  Author and self-help pioneer Stephen Covey left us with a wealth of ideas and resources for changing and improving behaviors. As we begin a new year and look forward to the days and months ahead, we would be wise to regularly keep in […]

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Request Your Unemployment Assistance @ Thanksgiving

We are so grateful that unemployment continues to diminish hitting record lows. However; during this Thanksgiving Holiday let us remember the millions of good folks who continue to be adversely affected by our unemployment numbers. Over the past decades the personal painful histories that I have witnessed, due to no job or meaningful work, continues […]

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Four Must-Have Job Skills

Career Repot November 2018 Issue 225 Four must-have job skills that workers should aim to possess:   Clear Communications – Whatever their level, communication is key for workers to advance. “This is really the ability to clearly articulate your point of view and the ability to create a connection through communication,” said Holly Paul, U.S. recruiting […]

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Background-Check  a Potential Employer

Career Report October 2018 Issue – 224 Background-Check  a Potential Employer Job seekers aren’t the only ones who should undergo a lengthy background check. According to an article by, it’s important that candidates research a prospective employer too. Anything from pending lawsuits, bankruptcies or layoffs can be enough to raise a red flag. Doing […]

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The Problem with Pointing Fingers

Career Report September 2018 Issue – 223 The Problem with Pointing Fingers When things go wrong at work and mistakes result in a problem or even the loss of business, employees often get annoyed and want to place the blame on someone. But before pointing a finger at a follow employee, it’s important to take […]

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Best medical  staffing since 1980


Position: COMPENSATION ANALYST Part Time 20-25 Hours / Week HR Consulting Firm… provides a fast-paced, stimulating work environment conducive to career development. Competitive pay  is provided commensurate with experience. Compensation experience desired. Duties & Responsibilities include: Assist with development of compensation plans Work independently to process information data reports, trends, etc. Market and financial research […]

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