Baby Boomers Interview Strategies Webinar

We hope you enjoyed our latest webinar “Baby Boomer Interview Strategies” and would appreciate you sharing your comments about the webinar content. 

 Many job-seeking Baby Boomers fear that their expertise will be underappreciated when interviewing with representatives from Generation “X” or even Generation “Y”.  What has been your experience?   Any stories you would like to share? 

Do you have any additional insight into this inter-generational interview experience?


Here are a few comments from the webinar participants in a un-edit just name removed:


“Thanks very much. This was a great webinar; Bob was very soothing, encouraging and positive. I can see myself listening to the recording of the webinar as part of my pre-interview prep and motivation session!”


“My “millennium” age son used information gained from your webinars that helped him locate and obtain a position. It through him, and because of his success, that I found my way to the webinars.” 

“Thank you for presenting a very informative webinar. You spoke on several of my concerns about my age. I have the experience for the job, yet I don’t want to settle or go backwards too much. The opportunities are just not there. I am hopeful that the new stimulus package the President to trying to pass will stimulate the entire economy and create new jobs for all of us. Good luck to all of us.”

The content was great and I agree with everything presented. But I’d be please to participate a longer more detailed webinar. Will also check out your blog. thanks! “

“I thought the webinar had some eye opening ideas that I hadn’t considered before. I particularly liked your views on how to interact with younger interviewers and how my experience can best be presented. I like your analogy of being the veteran on the team and not the starter.” 

“Most important suggestion for me was Know Yourself. I can talk about my accomplishments but sometimes get caught up on client names and dates. I will focus on memorizing them tonight. I have an important interview tomorrow. 

“I liked the ideas presented as well as those presented by other participants: particularly the idea of not including everything you did from graduation time. I will study articles on your websites and might seek coaching-at least the first hour, Thanks a lot and regards” 

“Well done! Good interviewing/coaching tips.” 

“I thought the ideas of “helping” the younger interviewer succeed, rather than been there, done that is a point well taken” 

“I wanted to express my thanks for giving the older generation A heads up on what’s going on out their. I’m over 65 and I’m having difficulty with finding a job. Your webinar gave me some good advice on how to proceed “

“Excellent presentation – loved the idea about being a consultant for 30 days to show worth.” 

“An excellent perspective setting to help build a bridge between generations.THANK YOU, this was well worth the time.” 

“The presentation was extremely helpful and I appreciate the open discussion on the key aspects of the interview and how best to portray to the prospective employer. One additional point I would bring up in place of the ‘been there done that’ would be the value you can bring to the organization with your past experiences.” 

Fabulous content, very timely…I can listen to Bob Larson all night, that avuncular style…..keep it up!!!”   “How to get the word to the Gen X and Y’s that Boomers with their years of experience can add value to the team? Many demographic surveys indicate a dearth of skill workers and so the Boomers are needed – do the younger people realize this?” 

“Straight and to the point tips that can be used during the interviewing process asap”

 “It was really fantasic” 

“Great content and participant questions. I wish it could have been longer” 

“As we all know, it’s difficult to get suitable employment in this economy. I have been told by recruiters to “dumb down” my resume since people might be intiminated by my experience and academics. Since I have done that, I’ve gotten more feedback, but still do not have a job”.

“Thanks for opening my mind more to how to sell myself as a “baby boomer”. 

“This seminar helped me understand how to best portray my strengths and the value I might bring to the hiring manager, team and organization. It is the Baby Boomer’s attributes, interests and values that we have in common with the 20 – 30 year old person which reinforces an “aspiration alignment”. Generally, what interest and hobbies transend from Baby Boomers, Generation “X’ and evenGeneration Y? This is a question I hope you could answer.” 

“I have not interviewed with anyone who is much younger than my self in the past but I am sure I will in the future and I appreciate being able to take away a few good pointers from the webinar. Thank You”


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