Any Good News? Jobs Down

Well the economy continues on its tailspin.  Rumors of General Motors shaky financial position with high losses and stock price hitting a 42 year low is very upsetting, since I grew up on the saying “As G.M. goes so goes the U.S.” or “What is good for G.M. is good for the U.S.”  I hope that as another icon of that era Bob Dylan said “the Times they are a Changing” and our economy can survive and hopefully thrive on other business then the auto business.


Well the job creation numbers released today continue to be dismal.  A decrease of 62,000 jobs makes me wonder which of the quotes above are correct.


Our tiny universe here at Berman Larson Kane ( has seen new job order listings decrease by about 20% in both our temporary and direct hire divisions during the month of June.  However we are lucky enough to have this set off by increases in other consulting business lines so this funk that the rest of the country is in by passed us another month.


On the proactive side as of July 1, 2008 BLK has acquired the staffing firm Global Search ( that specializes in Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Clinical Research Organizations, Healthcare, Insurance and Research.  We are confident that these new additions and the synergies of BLK & G Search will allow us to better serve our current clients and add additional services to all.


On the flip side of $4 dollar gas and milk, an article at the website Bruce Steinberg sees a possible upside to high gas for staffing.  I hope that Mr. Steinberg is right and Bob Dylan & G.M are wrong.  Half Full or Half Empty I remain concern that the US is half empty at the moment.


For the present moment I am so grateful that our wonderful clients and BLK staff continue to beat the odds of this “slow SLOW growth recession”.