A Thankful Week

Maybe the job creation numbers are really getting better as BLK https://www.jobsbl.com clients placed orders for 17 new assignments this past week. Including an increase in HR and IT direct hire and contract assignments. (Click on “job-search” on our webpage to view openings). This keeps the mood here at BLK very positive as we work hard to match the most qualified job seekers with these employers. Interviews have already taken place this week, with numerous additional interviews schedule for next week. This increase in contingency business combined with an exponential rise from repeat “Tier” clients keeps our short Thanksgiving week busy and thankful.

Our BLK “Tier” program continues to lead the industry in repeat business and has revolutionized our clients pricing & service modular. (If you are reading about this program for the first time call Susan Cocchiaro, CTS, PHR 201-556-2883 for an online demo and she will explain the process). As the president of BLK, I am so proud of the warm reception this “Tier” program continues to receive from hiring authorities. I also never stop giving thanks to the wonderful BLK staff that promotes this “Tier” process with new and established clients. And although this “Tier” process is design for hiring authority convenience; it is the job seeker who ultimately is the beneficiary as they secure new improved employment.

As I look forward to the Thanksgiving week I am optimistic that improved job creation numbers will help those unemployed secure meaningful employment in the not to distant future.