2013 Job Creation Outlook “Happy New Year ?”

With the 2013 new year ahead and the world paralyzed by school shootings, financial cliffs, political party fighting, high unemployment and world financial & political turmoil;  what can we expect for the job creation prospects?

Well I believe congress will eventually reach some compromises, gun control laws will be debated, the European Union will save the euro and political hot spots will flare and cool. .  So I guess little will change in the near future.

As for job creation; I believe it will continue to slowly get better, new demand skills will emerge, the work force will continue to age creating room for new employees, high productivity will peak creating additional jobs and manufacturing will continue to grow.

So if you are unemployed or under-employed 2013 should be a better year for job prospects. Our small universe here and Berman Larson Kane (www.jobsbl.com) has witnessed a stronger 4th quarter, hiring authorities a predicting increase demand Q1 & Q2 and the technology technical and sales niche continues to grow.

We at Berman Larson Kane will continue to support those in transition with our free live webinar series. You can register for future events at https://jobsbl.com/jobs/coaching/webinars.php .

 We will continue to improve our talent discover process for our clients by adding new employees and recruiting tools.  And for our clients we thank you for your support and look forward to adding value by bring the best talent the market has to offer for each of your needs.

Stay well and Happy New Year